The art of Kintsugi, developed in Japan in the fifteenth century, is the process in which a broken object is repaired with lacquer and gold dust.  It is also a powerful metaphor for emotional healing since this repair is methodical, meticulous, and requires patience.  The broken shards, which are considered a part of the object's history, are accentuated with gold dust.  The object’s past is honored- rather than forgotten, hidden, or considered shameful.  At the end of this process, the object is considered more precious and the golden "scars" bear witness to its transformation. 


Although painful life experiences are inevitable, in those moments when we feel “broken”, it is important to allow ourselves the time and opportunity to heal.  Kbhealth offers a holistic approach to psychiatric and psychological care.  

KINTSUGI :(Japanese) "to repair with gold"


The strength of the patient-therapist relationship is the most significant predictor  of treatment outcome.  Therefore, my first priority is to develop a collaborative relationship with you.  This is best summarized by therapist Dr. Allan Schore, "A patient’s emotional growth depends on the therapist’s ability to move, and to be moved by, those that come to him for help.”  

I often prefer to combine medication with therapy with the goal of providing comprehensive treatment since a multi-pronged approach is more effective and produces longer lasting results.  My approach to treatment is personalized to meet your needs and is rooted in attachment theory and informed by neuroscience.  I  also weave cognitive and dialectical behavioral therapy skills during the course of treatment.  

Mental health professionals had the belief that therapy and medication work differently - that medication works on the brain and therapy works on the mind.  However, given advances in brain imaging, we now know better.   Medication and therapy are both biological treatments that work synergistically to restore balance to the brain; medication via chemical changes and therapy via increased neural connectivity.  This rewiring of the brain occurs because therapy provides a new learning experience through which we can explore the meanings attached to past experiences and how those meanings influence your perception of the present.  





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