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The art of Kintsugi, developed in Japan in the fifteenth century, is the process in which a broken object is repaired with lacquer and gold dust.  It is also a powerful metaphor for emotional healing since this repair is methodical, meticulous, and requires patience.  The broken shards, which are considered a part of the object's history, are accentuated with gold dust.  The object’s past is honored- rather than forgotten, hidden, or considered shameful.  At the end of this process, the object is considered more precious and the golden "scars" bear witness to its transformation. 


Although painful life experiences are inevitable, in those moments when we feel “broken”, it is important to allow ourselves the time and opportunity to heal.  We hope to embrace the metaphorical process of Kintsugi  to help you through the pain, towards health and growth.   

"The wound is the place where the light enters you."  

-  Rumi

KINTSUGI :(Japanese) "to repair with gold"


Treatment Focus

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