Mona Maaty M.D. 

I am a board-certified adult psychiatrist and completed residency in 2015 from Mount Sinai Beth Israel Medical Center in NYC.  In addition to a strong foundation in psychopharmacology, my training program emphasized the importance of psychotherapy as a treatment modality.  For two years, I received weekly supervision in cognitive behavioral therapy and psychodynamic psychotherapy.  Following residency, I worked at the VA hospital and then with a non-profit organization in NYC.  During the summer of 2018, I began developing my private practice which opened in November 2018. 


In private practice, I continue to expand my knowledge base and learn new skills.  I have learned a variety of different therapy styles because I believe that your needs are unique and change over time.  Your individualized treatment plan would be dynamic and shift depending upon your goals and your progress during treatment.   I have had training in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy; Exposure and Response Prevention (EXRP) for the treatment of OCD at UPenn; neuroscience-based interventions for anxiety and depression; and have completed an intensive trauma certification course. 


I am excited to have recently been accepted to the International Certification and Training Program in Schema Therapy.  Schema therapy is an integrative treatment approach that is evidence-based and proven effective for a variety of diagnoses.  The goal in Schema therapy is to identify your childhood unmet emotional needs and identify the coping strategies you adopted to try to meet those needs.  Some strategies which were adaptive in childhood may not be as effective as an adult and can sometimes become problematic - especially in intimate relationships. 


For 2021, I plan to develop various group therapy programs – some will be more didactic and emphasize skill-building and others will be specific to clinical conditions.  I had the opportunity to co-lead a group during training and discovered that group therapy is an important way to ease a person’s sense of isolation and reduce the shame in thinking “I’m the only one.”  I also plan to develop educational workshops by working with colleagues in different sub-specialties.   Inevitably, there will be clients whose needs I will not be able to meet and, in those instances, I can offer a referral to one of the providers within my collaborative network.


I hope that this has provided you with some information regarding my training and future plans.  I am happy to answer any other questions you may have so that you can choose the right treatment setting for you. 

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